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Living and Doing at Home
A medical condition or aging-in-place issues can make the job of living at home unnecessarily difficult, painful and unsafe. However, research shows that we strongly prefer being ‘at home’ rather than having to move to another location. Susan recognizes the importance of that place called ‘home’ and is dedicated to creating supportive environments for her clients -- environments that enable the familiar habits and routines to continue -- so that people may remain where they most want to be.

Read excerpts from a power point case study demonstrating the impact of positive partnerships between the client, contractor and occupational therapist.

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Susan’s Services
On the following pages, Susan will describe in detail about how she provides evaluations and consultation services. The focus is on home modifications and products that promote safety, comfort, accessibility, social participation and increased independence for persons having difficulty with their activities of daily living. Issues specifically related to homeowners, building professionals or the healthcare team can be accessed directly by clicking on the relevant button to the left of this page. And, if the universal design button is clicked, an informative page will describe how Susan consults with clients, both homeowners and building professionals, using universal design principles.

Susan specializes in recommending adaptive equipment and/or partnering with building professionals and other healthcare professionals.

  •  Susan gets to know each client’s unique situation
  •  Susan’s evaluations look at safety, comfort, independence and  accessibility in activities of daily living
  •  Susan’s individualized recommendations for environmental adaptations  and products guide the client toward more healthful living
  •  Susan’s reports include information useful to the family and other people  such as healthcare providers, contractors and architects

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